Fig. 1. (left) A simplified pollen/spore diagram (redrawn from McAndrews and Turton [2010]) of the record from a lake sediment core with annual layers in southern Ontario, Canada. Variations in percentage of corn pollen (labeled “corn”) and spores from a corn smut fungus serve as a proxy for human impact. Chronology comes from layer counts and radiocarbon dating. (right) Seven of the many concepts of the word “Anthropocene” (A–G) that divide this record. CE = Common Era. For additional discussion of various choices, see, for example, Autin and Holbrook [2012], Edgeworth et al. [2015], Finney [2014], Gale and Hoare [2012], Gibbard and Walker [2014], Lewis and Maslin [2015], Ruddiman et al. [2015], Steffen et al. [2015], and Zalasiewicz et al. [2014, 2015].