Christina M. S. Cohen

Christina M. S. Cohen, space physics and aeronomy science adviser for Eos


Dr. Christina Cohen is a research scientist in the Space Radiation Laboratory at the California Institute of Technology. She is involved in designing and building instruments that measure energetic particles in space. Her main research focus is the analysis of solar energetic particles (SEPs) from in-situ observations made by instruments on the Advanced Composition Explorer (ACE), Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory (STEREO), and Parker Solar Probe (PSP) spacecraft. Her work includes the first identification of Fe-rich SEP events in the ACE era and efforts to understand their genesis; multi-spacecraft studies of the longitudinal spread of SEPs in the inner heliosphere, including the unexpectedly wide 3He-rich SEP events, which have questioned the standard paradigm for the characteristics of these small events. As the Focused Science Topic Team Leader of the current NASA’s Living With a Star effort to study SEPs, she is heading efforts to combine sophisticated modeling and remote and in-situ observations to advance understanding of the acceleration and transport of SEPs from the corona through the heliosphere. Dr. Cohen is also a co-investigator on the upcoming Interstellar Mapping and Acceleration Probe (IMAP) mission and the Sun Radio Interferometer Space Experiment (a small satellite constellation forming the first space-based low-frequency radio interferometer), both of which are expected to make critical measurements related to the acceleration and transport of SEPs.


California Institute of Technology


Pasadena, Calif.