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Elders Recall an Earlier Tsunami on Indian Ocean Shores

Legacies of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami include recent interviews with lucid eyewitnesses to an obscure disaster in 1945. The accounts attest to coastal hazards in Oman, Iran, Pakistan, and India.

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Reply [to "Comment on 'Color Schemes for Improved Data Graphics,' by A. Light and P. J. Bartlein"]

By calling attention to the perception of data graphics among color-impaired readers, we hoped to raise awareness of an even more prevalent phenomenon: the misuse of spectral, or “rainbow,” color schemes. David B. Stephenson is quite right regarding the incidence of different forms of color-vision impairment, which varies among racial and ethnic groups and is […]

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Comment on "Color Schemes for Improved Data Graphics," by A. Light and P. J. Bartlein

As a color-blind climatologist, I very much appreciated the important color-awareness issues raised by A. Light and P. J. Bartlein in their recent Eos article titled “The End of the Rainbow? Color Schemes for Improved Data Graphics,” (85(40), 5 October 2004, p. 385). Meteorological and climate information is frequently communicated in the form of highly […]