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Eos is a digital-first publication; articles that appear on Eos.org are the versions of record.

Copies and Citations

Teachers, students, researchers, and libraries acting for these individuals are permitted to make copies of material in this publication for their own use in research or teaching, including multiple copies for classroom or library reserve use, provided such copies are not sold.

Copying for sale is subject to payment or copying fees; contact eos@agu.org for such permissions. Permission is granted to use short quotes from Eos and to reproduce figures and tables for publication in scientific books, journals, blogs, and news articles, provided that the articles’ authors, Eos, and AGU are cited appropriately.

Eos citations appear at the end of each article and can be copied directly.

Policies and Standards

Ethics policy

Eos is published by AGU and thus abides by the organization’s Scientific Integrity and Professional Ethics Policy, which governs all AGU members, staff, volunteers, and non-members participating in AGU sponsored programs and activities.

Verification and fact-checking standards

Eos writers have primary responsibility for reporting, writing, and fact-checking their stories and are expected to report information from primary or verified sources, with sufficient attribution. Articles are subject to review by one or more editors, who are expected to question reporters about inconsistencies, missing information, and other potential deficits before publication.

Eos staff editors and Science Advisers reserve the right to reject proposals or decline publication of manuscripts in progress for any reason.

Corrections policy

Eos strives to promptly address published errors. Scientific inaccuracies and factual errors will be corrected in a timely and transparent manner. When such a correction is necessary, the changes are made within the article and are noted at the end of the item. Minor errors of a grammatical, formatting, or typographical nature, including misspellings, may be corrected without being noted.

If you believe that you have identified an error on Eos, please notify us by emailing eos@agu.org.

Commenting policy

Readers are encouraged to share thoughts and opinions in the comments sections of Eos articles. Personal attacks will not be permitted. Any criticism should relate to the content of the article in question.

Posted comments, images, and/or external links do not represent the views of Eos or AGU, nor do they represent endorsement of any kind by Eos or AGU. Eos and AGU are not responsible for any content posted by users of the site.

Eos and AGU reserve the right to close or remove commenting. Repeated violations may cause the user or users to be blocked or permanently banned from Eos.org and other AGU activities, websites, and social media channels.

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