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Hello Agu Community My Name Is Kyle Turner And

Hello AGU Community!

My name is Kyle Turner and I’m a Research Associate in Dr. Maria Tzortziou’s Bio-Optics Lab at the City College of New York ( As part of multiple interdisciplinary research projects funded by NASA, NSF, and NY Sea Grant, we have been busy collecting data in Long Island Sound and surrounding tributaries to better quantify the impacts of human and environmental pressures on the ecology and biogeochemistry of tightly interconnected urban-wetland-estuary systems. In particular, we are interested in linking these ecosystem changes to optics in order to develop more accurate algorithms for quantifying concentrations and fluxes of carbon across the land-ocean continuum from satellite remote sensing platforms. In this picture, my colleague, Brice Grunert, and I are collecting coincident measurements of water bio-optical properties in the Hudson River, NY. Nothing like kayaking on a nice sunny day for science! We wish you all fun and success in your future field adventures.


Kyle Turner (Twitter: kjtrnr)