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Hi Everyone Im In Louisiana With Biologist And

Hi everyone,

I’m in Louisiana with biologist and artist Brandon Ballengée researching a book on art, culture, and climate change.  Brandon is collaborating with Prosanta Chakrabarty (Associate Professor/Curator of Ichthyology, LSU) on an interdisciplinary art and science project called Crude Life.  In its current form, the project consists of old trunks and chests containing dyed specimens and posters listing the species that have been adversely affected by, or simply gone missing since, the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill.  

In this photo, we’re at A Studio in the Woods (Tulane University) for “Loss & Found,” an event that is part of the Annual Wetlands Art Tour sponsored by Antenna::Signals.  The portable museum is aesthetically bewitching and draws people to it.  Brandon talks with them about the aftermath of the oil spill, the 14 species of endemic Gulf fishes that have not been seen since the spill, and opens up dialogue about the ecology of Louisiana, its fossil fuel economy, and the fate of biodiversity in the Gulf.

Thomas S. Davis, Associate Professor of English, The Ohio State University