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Outreach While Exploring The Rockies An

Outreach while exploring the rockies -  An impromptu outreach event happened at the mushroom rock formation in the Rocky Mountain National Park at an altitude of ~12,000 ft. Solar scientists talked to fellow park-goers about the upcoming Eclipse (Aug 21) and told them all about how to safely use the Eclipse glasses. We are students from different universities around the world that attended the UCAR Heliophysics Summer School in Boulder, CO. They and some more people got to see the solar disk with the eclipse glasses that we carry with us wherever we go! Picture taken and submitted by Aparna V (Georgia State University). In the picture from left are Camilla Harris (University of Michigan), Mariangela Viviani (not seen) (Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research), Saida Castillo (Universidad Nacional de Colombia) and Lee Gunderson (Princeton University).  Date: Aug 6, 2017