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Salut Were Writing From The Beautiful Salt


We’re writing from the beautiful salt marsh of La Pocatière, Quebec on the St. Lawrence estuary. We’re measuring greenhouse gas fluxes from different zones of the salt marsh. The picture shows Sophie (a post-doctoral fellow at McGill University and the University of Birmingham, UK) installing gas flux chambers on the mudflat. Between coring, collecting porewater, clipping vegetation, and trying to get it all done before high tide, we are tired! We’re so grateful to be in the field and not stuck at home in lockdown, especially after changing fieldsites and experiments due to COVID-19 restrictions. Good luck to everyone during these trying times wherever you’re working from!

A la prochaine,

Sophie Comer-Warner, Wendy Ampuero Reyes, and Gail Chmura, Department of Geography, McGill University