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Hallo Everyone The South Of Germany Was Worked

Hallo everyone!The south of Germany was worked over by the Alpine glaciers in thelast Ice Age. Away from the mountains, they carved out so-calledoverdeepened valleys on the plains, which were subsequentlyrefilled by glacial sediments.In this picture you can see my two colleagues carrying out activeshear-wave seismics on top of one of these overdeepened valleys todetermine the exact structure of the valley fill, prior to drillinga borehole into the valley in autumn of this year. What was reallyhandy was the fact that the ploughed field is frozen solid, so thatthe seismic source is well coupled to the ground, even if we haveplant the geophones and push the seismic source through the snow!- David Tanner, Leibniz Institute for Applied Geophysics, Hannover,Germany