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Hello Agu Community My Name Is Andrea Nicolau

Hello AGU community,

My name is Andrea Nicolau and I’m a Research Associate with the Earth System Science Center of the University of Alabama in Huntsville, where I also serve as the Regional Science Associate for the Mekong region for NASA’s SERVIR Science Coordination Office. This is a photo from a pre-COVID field work we did in a mangrove forest in Guyana, January 2020. This work was part of the SERVIR-Amazonia workshop in collaboration with Guyana government agencies and NGOs, and NASA Subject Matter Expert, Dr. Marc Simard (NASA/JPL), on the use of SAR data for monitoring mangroves. We did lose a few pairs of shoes in the mud after this picture was taken :)

Best wishes,

Andrea (Twitter: @puzzinicolau, @SERVIRGlobal)