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Deploying A Great Lakes Buoy Observatory Dear

Deploying a Great Lakes Buoy Observatory

Dear everyone:

Earlier this spring, we were onboard the NOAA vessel R5503 deploying an observatory buoy in a Great Lakes estuary (Muskegon Lake, Michigan; top image) with the Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory’s Beau Braymer and Todd Roetman (bottom-left image).  Thereafter, Annis Water Resources Institute’s Tony Weinke and Katie Knapp equipped the buoy with a meteorological tower and linked underwater sensors (bottom-right image).  The buoy observatory is now busy tracking in near-real-time, dynamic time-lapse changes in weather and water quality in this urbanized ecosystem undergoing restoration from a legacy of pollution, eutrophication, harmful cyanobacterial blooms and hypoxia.  Who knows what secrets the data stream will reveal this year?  Observatory data are available to all online at

Bopi Biddanda

Annis Water Resources Institute, Grand Valley State University, Muskegon, Michigan, USA.