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As Part Of An Effort To Monitor The Earthquakes

As part of an effort to monitor the earthquakes triggered by reservoir loading, we installed two portable seismographs of the neighborhood of the La Romaine 3 reservoir in the Province of Quebec, Canada.  The La Romaine hydro-electric complex involves the construction of four dams by Hydro-Québec.  The digitizer is located in the black container and it is connected to three short period seismometers to the left.  The backdrop of the picture is the 95 m high La Romaine 3 dam (located at latitude 51.12 N; -63.42 W). The 38 km2 reservoir filled up very quickly following snow melt in early May 2017.  As of July 18th, 2017, only a few small reservoir-triggered earthquakes have been recorded. 

-  Maurice Lamontagne