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A Sub Sampling The Alkaline Fluids Of The

A sub sampling the alkaline fluids of the Arnarnesstrytun shallow-water vent, Iceland.

We’re in the field for a 10 days long diving expedition to explore the geochemistry and microbiology if shallow-water alkaline hydrothermal vents in the north of Iceland. The area, known as the Strytan vent field, is composed of several chimneys, with the main chimney standing 54 meters tall from the seafloor. The 75°C hot alkaline fluids (~10 pH) mix with the cold (8°C) fjord waters, creating strong thermal and geochemical gradients that support microbial communities.

The team is composed by an international group of geoscientist that includes United States, Italian and Japanese researchers with diverse backgrounds.

You can follow the updates on Twitter with the #StrytanExpedition hashtag.

- Donato Giovanelli