New Telescope, New Worlds

Exoplanets in the Shadows
Overture to Exoplanets
The Forecast for Exoplanets is Cloudy but Bright
“Earth Cousins” Are New Targets for Planetary Materials Research
Oddballs of the Exoplanet Realm
Thousands of Stars View Earth as a Transiting Exoplanet
Taking Stock of Cosmic Rays in the Solar System
Gap in Exoplanet Size Shifts with Age
Unveiling the Next Exoplanet Act

Science at Its Core

Cores 3.0: Future-Proofing Earth Sciences’ Historical Records
Improving Access to Paleoclimate Data
An Unbroken Record of Climate During the Age of Dinosaurs
Narwhal Tusks Record Changes in the Marine Arctic
Cold Curriculum for a Hot Topic
The Catcher in the Ice
Cutting to the Core

Urban Forests

What’s Going on in Geospace?

GeoPRISMS: Filling In the Margins

Before and After the Disaster

Food Security and Geoscience

Tracking Magnetic Fields