Managing Wetlands to Improve Carbon Sequestration

A new book examines research on wetlands from around the world to illustrate how environmental management can improve carbon sequestration while improving the health and…

The Birth, Growth, and Death of Continents

There are various explanations for how the Earth’s continents form, develop, and change but challenges remain in fully understanding the driving forces behind plate tectonics…

New Insights into Polar Stratospheric Clouds

New satellite observations of polar stratospheric clouds have advanced our understanding of how, when, and where they form, their composition, and their role in ozone…

Reviewing Reviewers

AGU analyzes reviewer age, gender, and geographic location especially to see how the pandemic may have affected our reviewer pool.

Telling the Stories Behind the Science

AGU’s newest journal, Perspectives of Earth and Space Scientists, is a collection of memoirs, essays, and insights that present personal perspectives on how different scientific fields have evolved.

When Deep Learning Meets Geophysics

Traditional physical models are no longer the only foundational tools for processing geophysical data; “big data” help to reveal the laws of geophysics from new angles with exciting results so far.


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