The Waimakariri River on New Zealand's South Island.

What does a geoscientist do?

Yes, Earth and space scientists work at lab benches, but they also design experimental plots, explore exoplanets and ocean depths, and use supercomputers and Secchi disks. Options are plenty, and adventures abound.

Here find the stories of 14 individuals who found their niche in the geosciences. Like the waters of a braided river, these professionals made leaps and pivots but steered a course to success. They travel the streets of New York City, the Star Trek universe, and the virtual stacks at the U.S. Geological Survey, among other places.

Read about an environmental scientist who scales structures in the name of air quality, an expert in high stakes project management, and a lab manager whose lively interest in geology was spurred by a trip to Death Valley. Learn how people make data beautiful, approachable, and lasting. Find out how determination (and a bit of luck in the buffet line) can change a scientist’s life.

This group shows us that science is about taking chances, getting creative, and venturing into the unknown, and we are thrilled that they are sharing their stories with us. We hope that their journeys encourage you to keep exploring.

—The Editors

Citation: Editors (2023), A path for everyone, Eos, 104, Published on 25 July 2023.
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