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Hello From The Kiamichi River My Name Is Lauren

Hello from the Kiamichi River!  My name is Lauren Haygood and I am a geoscience graduate student at The University of Tulsa (TU) focusing in geochemistry!  My thesis field location is the Kiamichi River located in southeastern Oklahoma.  My lab group was hard at work conducting chemical tests of the Kiamichi River!  We also collected lots of sediment and river water samples!  We took all our samples back to the lab and have been analyzing our samples for heavy metals and paleoenvironmental indicators.  This photo is from one of our field sites on the Kiamichi River.  

We all had a ‘fanclastic’ time doing field work and are enjoying all the lab work!  

Lauren Haygood- Accelerated Master’s Student at TU

twitter: @La_U_Re_N