Kerstin Stahl


Kerstin Stahl has a DFG Heisenberg professorship of Environmental Hydrological Systems at the University of Freiburg in Germany. Before she returned to the university where she had graduated in 2001, she worked as a postdoc and research scientist at Oregon State University, the University of British Columbia in Vancouver and the University of Oslo in Norway. Kerstin teaches in the undergraduate and graduate programs of the Faculty of Environment and Natural Resources and advises several graduate students and postdocs. Her research focuses on changes in hydrological systems, with an emphasis low flow and mountain hydrology and on drought hazard and risk assessment. Besides analyzing trends and modelling changes in streamflow at regional scales, Kerstin and her group pioneered an approach of linking drought indicators to drought impacts sourced from text reports as a basis to inform drought early warning more effectively. Kerstin has a track-record on international and transdisciplinary research project leads on the topic of drought, including a Belmont Forum project and the current regional research alliance DRIeR. She also coordinates a collaborative project on the future of the River Rhine, one of the most important transboundary rivers in Europe. Kerstin has been an editor of Hydrology and Earth System Sciences journal for several years and currently serves as co-chair for the catchment hydrology program of the European Geosciences Union. ResearcherID. 0000-0002-2159-9441


University of Freiburg, Germany


Berlin, Germany