Science Adviser Profile

Kyle Fredrick


Kyle Frederick is a professor of geology at Pennsylvania Western University – California, in California, Pa., south of Pittsburgh. He is the treasurer of the Pittsburgh Geological Society, for which he has also served as vice president. He has a Ph.D. in geology from the State University of New York at Buffalo (’08), and a B.A. in geology from University of Wisconsin–River Falls (’00).

Frederick teaches a wide variety of courses, primarily related to hydrology, hydrogeology and environmental geology, and leads an annual regional field course through areas of geologic interest in the United States, including New England, the Colorado Plateau, and the Northern Rockies. His research focuses on stream/groundwater interactions and modeling groundwater flow in regional aquifers. His current research includes surface water pollution and surface–groundwater interactions in streams in southwestern Pennsylvania, and flooding of wetlands and lowland areas in Wisconsin. Other research interests include fluvial geomorphologic response to natural and anthropogenic flow changes and landslide susceptibility.


  • Editor – Reviewed Activity Collection, Science Education Resource Center, since 2015
  • California University of Pennsylvania (CalU) Presidential Distinguished Merit Award for Teaching 2019


Department of Geosciences, Pennsylvania Western University (PennWest) – California


California, Pa.