Chicago skyline, Cloud Gate at Millennium Park
AGU’s Fall Meeting 2022 will be held in Chicago, Ill. Credit: Pavone

We are pleased to announce that AGU has selected the locations for our 2022 and 2024 Fall Meetings. The 2022 meeting will take place in Chicago, Ill., and the 2024 meeting will take place in Washington, D. C. This completes the plan for meeting locations through 2026.

San Francisco — 2019
San Francisco — 2020
New Orleans — 2021
Chicago — 2022
San Francisco — 2023
Washington, D. C. — 2024
New Orleans — 2025
San Francisco — 2026

Chicago and Washington, D. C., Meet the Needs of AGU and the Science We Advance

Both of these major cities are vibrant and anchored by strong scientific research communities. They offer convenient air travel with frequent flights from all parts of the world as well as AMTRAK service. Both have robust sustainability programs at the convention center and throughout the city, and offer well developed mass transit and plentiful hotels in close proximity to the meeting, as well as countless parks, museums, internationally ranked restaurants, and other exciting amenities.

Taking the Fall Meeting on Tour, and How We Decide Where to Go

Fall Meeting will officially move into a rotation schedule, with San Francisco serving as an anchor city. This means that the meeting location will change on a regular basis.

With the announcement of these locations, the Fall Meeting will officially move into a rotation schedule, with San Francisco serving as an anchor city. This means that the meeting location will change on a regular basis, and in doing so will provide opportunities to engage new affiliated groups and science community and policy leaders from across the country and around the world. The locations selected were informed by criteria, needs and preferences provided by the AGU Council, the Board and members, including the following:

  • the cost of travel to and lodging in the city for attendees;
  • the space and hotels (how we will fit, number of hotel rooms available, whether we can create the best meeting experiences, and whether we can get the space needed at the cost desired);
  • accessibility of transportation within the city and accessibility to get to the city (flights, weather risk, city transportation);
  • proximity of convention center to downtown or areas of interest;
  • amenities in the city (restaurants, entertainment, etc.);
  • sustainability programs in the city, convention center and hotels; and
  • the overall cost of hosting the meeting.

2020 and Beyond

As you may remember, construction disruption caused us to move the meeting from San Francisco in 2017 and 2018. Previously, the meeting had been held in San Francisco every December for more than 40 years. We are very grateful to San Francisco for being such a wonderful host, just as New Orleans was last year. We look forward to returning to both cities regularly.

In addition to looking forward to holding our first Fall Meeting in Chicago in 2022 and hosting a successful return to Washington, D. C., in 2024, we can’t wait to celebrate AGU’s Centennial with you in San Francisco next December. Have a wonderful Fall Meeting!

—Eric Davidson, President, AGU (; and Chris McEntee, Executive Director/CEO, AGU (


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