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Lisa J. Graumlich has officially joined the American Geophysical Union’s (AGU) Board of Directors. The Governance Committee would like to thank everyone who voted during the recent special election to fill a vacancy on the Board. AGU President Eric Davidson and other Board members welcomed Lisa at the leadership orientation held earlier this month. She will serve during the current 2017–2018 term.

At the time of the special election in late February, there were 27,050 eligible voters. Of them, 5.8% cast votes, with 94.9% voting for Lisa, the candidate recommended by the committee to fill the vacancy. The committee received 954 comments from voters, with 92.2% of them indicating they were satisfied or very satisfied with the process.

2017–2018 Council Leadership Team Elected

The Governance Committee would like to make you aware of the results of another recent election. At the beginning of every leadership term, AGU Council members elect their own leadership team. All Council members are given the opportunity for this leadership position, and anyone interested is placed on the ballot.

Six new members were elected to the Council Leadership Team, joining three continuing members.

The committee worked with Robin Bell, AGU’s President-elect and Council Chair, to identify diversity needed on the leadership team. Criteria for this year included geography, career stage, Council experience, and gender. The committee determined that the following perspectives were needed on the 2017–2018 Council Leadership Team (CLT): someone with international perspective, at least one student or early-career member, and at least one Council member serving his or her first term. Voters were encouraged to keep diversity in mind while voting.

All but two Council members voted in the election, and the results were announced at the leadership orientation on 8 March 2017. Six new members were elected to the Council Leadership Team, joining three continuing members. The 2017–2018 CLT members provide the diversity of perspectives needed:

  • Robin Bell, AGU President-elect and Council Chair
  • Xavier Comas, first term on Council, Near Surface, both U.S. and international perspectives
  • Aisling Dolan, second term on Council, early career, international perspective
  • Eileen Hofmann, second term on Council, Ocean Sciences, U.S. perspective
  • Michael Manga, first term on Council, Volcanology, Geochemistry, and Petrology, U.S. perspective
  • Chris McEntee, AGU CEO (nonvoting)
  • Annie Tamalavage, second term on Council, student, U.S. perspective
  • Scott Tyler, first term on Council, Hydrology, U.S. perspective
  • Doug Wiens, second term on Council, Seismology, U.S. perspective

In the CLT election, Eileen Hofmann was not only elected to the Council Leadership Team but also was chosen as Council Vice Chair. In that role, she will also serve on the AGU Board. The AGU governance model includes four officers who hold seats on both the Council and the Board to ensure communication and continuity between those two bodies. Those overlapping positions are the President, President-elect, CEO, and Council Vice Chair.

Please join us in congratulating these members on their new leadership positions.

—Margaret Leinen (email:, Chair, Governance Committee, AGU; Robin Bell, President-elect and Council Chair, AGU; and Carol Finn, U.S. Geological Survey, Denver, Colo.


Leinen, M., R. Bell, and C. Finn (2017), AGU Board vacancy filled, Council leaders chosen, Eos, 98, Published on 30 March 2017.

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