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AGU Welcomes Congressional Science Fellow in Program’s 40th Year

Isaac “Ike” Irby brings to his upcoming year as a science expert in a congressional office advanced training in marine science and public policy plus experience as an executive branch intern.


The American Geophysical Union (AGU) is pleased to announce its newest Congressional Science Fellow, Isaac “Ike” Irby. He is embarking on his fellowship as AGU’s Congressional Science Fellowship Program has reached a major milestone, its 40th year.

Isaac “Ike” Irby. Credit: Joshua Chung

Irby will join the more than 45 Ph.D. scientists who, over the years, have brought their scientific expertise to Capitol Hill as part of AGU’s program. Our organization is proud to continue empowering scientists to be part of the legislative process.

During their fellowship year, fellows learn about that process and develop a firmer understanding of how Congress works while serving as resident science experts to congressional offices. Fellows have used their Hill experience to pursue jobs in Congress as professional staff, to work for state or federal agencies, or to return to academia much better informed about the intersection of science and policy.

Scientist Takes to the Halls of Congress

Irby comes to the fellowship from the College of William and Mary, where he earned his doctorate in marine sciences and a master of public policy. His dissertation focused on water quality modeling of the Chesapeake Bay, exploring the limitations of the model and identifying how these models can be used to assess water quality regulations. Irby’s fellowship year will build on previous executive branch experience that he gained while interning with the Office of Science and Technology Policy in Washington, D. C.

During his fellowship, Irby wants to “help ensure that quality science is at least given a platform” in the policy discussion. “The world needs scientists in the lab, but it also needs scientists” in government, he said. Irby intends to use the AGU Congressional Science Fellowship as an opportunity to add more scientists to the halls of Congress.

Apply to Be the 20182019 Congressional Science Fellow

To learn more about applying for an AGU Congressional Science Fellowship, visit the AGU Science Policy website. Applications for the 2018–2019 term will open this Sunday (15 October 2017) and close on 15 January 2018.

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