When you give to AGU, you are giving to programs and initiatives that affect you, your fellow scientists, and the entire world. From section and focus group newsletters to student scholarships to struggling communities, there is an opportunity for you to engage and make a difference. Visit http://­giving​.agu​.org to make your impact.

How You Benefit

If you are a member of a section or focus group, you have benefited from a donor. All section and focus group activities, from producing newsletters to Fall Meeting activities to awards and honors, are fully funded by generous giving of time and money to the AGU community. Section and focus group activities foster scientific discussion and collaboration. They also provide opportunities for members to engage with colleagues, receive student travel grants, and receive career awards. Sections and focus groups rely on you, so please consider giving to ensure their continuity and quality.

How the Science Community Benefits

Donations to AGU enhance the benefits of being a member for the whole of the AGU community. When you give to funds like the AGU Unrestricted Fund and the AGU General Endowment Fund, you are supporting the Union’s abilities to annually sustain publications, meetings, and outreach programs and to direct funds where they are most needed immediately. Recently, AGU publications announced open access journals, introduced new technologies at the Fall Meeting that allowed for remote participation, and created new programming and opportunities for students—all done with your support.

How Humanity Benefits

AGU has funds that help find solutions to the problems that the world faces, from quality science education for young learners to providing clean water in communities. You can support education efforts by giving to education funds, such as the Education and Career Services Fund and the Geophysical Information for Teachers (GIFT) Workshop Fund. The Thriving Earth Exchange Fund supports a program that allows communities or organizations seeking scientific expertise to access the combined talents of thousands of scientists.

—Claire Howard, Development Coordinator, AGU; email: choward@agu.org

© 2014. American Geophysical Union. All rights reserved.

© 2014. American Geophysical Union. All rights reserved.