2020 AGU Honors: Shaping the Future of Science

Congratulations to the newly elected class of Fellows! During AGU Fall Meeting 2020, which was 100% virtual, we recognized these individuals via video and on social media. Please join us in welcoming this year’s cohort, who have made exceptional contributions to the Earth and space sciences community through a breakthrough, discovery, or innovation in their field.

Rachel Abercrombie, AGU Fellow

Rachel Abercrombie

For groundbreaking contributions to our understanding of earthquakes over a wide range of spatial and temporal scales.

Mark A. Altabet, AGU Fellow

Mark A. Altabet

For major contributions toward the measurement of nitrogen isotopes and their application to understanding ocean biogeochemistry, present and past.

Jean-Paul Ampuero, AGU Fellow

Jean-Paul Ampuero

For outstanding contributions to seismology and the study of the earthquake source.

Brian Jay Anderson, AGU Fellow

Brian Jay Anderson

For pioneering research and development in determining the role of magnetic fields, currents, and waves in the physics of planetary magnetospheres.

Denis Andrault, AGU Fellow

Denis Andrault

For pioneering experiments in high-pressure mineral physics that elucidated the phase equilibria and physical properties of the deep mantle and core.

Janice L. Bishop, AGU Fellow

Janice L. Bishop

For enabling the discovery of phyllosilicates on Mars and for making critical discoveries regarding the climate history of Mars.

Bernard P. Boudreau, AGU Fellow

Bernard P. Boudreau

For seminal theoretical contributions linking chemical, biological, physical, and geological processes in marine sediments.

Gordon E. Brown Jr., AGU Fellow

Gordon E. Brown Jr.

For leading the way in the use of diffraction and spectroscopy to better understand Earth materials

Larry D. Brown, AGU Fellow

Larry D. Brown

For fundamental work and sustained scientific impact in seismic reflection profiling studies of the continental crust and compressional orogens.

Michael Brown, AGU Fellow

Michael Brown

For fundamental contributions to understanding the origin of granites, the metamorphic record, and the evolution of plate tectonics.

Martyn P. Chipperfield, AGU Fellow

Martyn P. Chipperfield

For world-leading contributions to atmospheric model development and the understanding of chemistry and dynamics in the troposphere and stratosphere.

Hugh Joseph Christian Jr.

Hugh Joseph Christian Jr.

For pioneering space-based lightning mapping instruments and advancing knowledge of atmospheric and space 


John A. Church, AGU Fellow

John A. Church

For pioneering the use of ocean observations for determining the rate and causes of 20th century ocean change and sea level rise.

William D. Collins, AGU Fellow

William D. Collins

For pioneering contributions to the fundamental understanding of atmospheric radiation, radiative forcing, and the role of radiation in climate.

Rita R. Colwell, AGU Fellow

Rita R. Colwell

For fundamental contributions to geohealth in disease prediction and eradication, connections to climate, and science leadership.

Anne Davaille, AGU Fellow

Anne Davaille

For innovative experiments on viscous fluids and the derivation of scaling laws applicable to mantle convection, particularly in the lower mantle.

Joost de Gouw, AGU Fellow

Joost de Gouw

For transformative understanding of atmospheric organic chemistry through instrument development, field campaigns, and interpretations.

Noah S. Diffenbaugh, AGU Fellow

Noah S. Diffenbaugh

For fundamental and innovative contributions to the study of climate extremes and their societal impacts.

Edward J. Dlugokencky, AGU Fellow

Edward J. Dlugokencky

For the production of unassailable global data sets of the main greenhouse gases CO2, CH4, and N2O and the interpretations of those data.

Sherilyn Claire Fritz, AGU Fellow

Sherilyn Claire Fritz

For contributions in paleolimnology and paleoclimatology, shaping our understanding of the sensitivity of lake systems worldwide to environmental change.

Rong Fu

Rong Fu

For seminal contributions to the understanding of atmospheric convection and its interactions with ecosystems through innovative use of satellite data.

Paul J. Hanson, AGU Fellow

Paul J. Hanson

For innovation in state-of-the-art field manipulations to assess the vulnerability and response of ecosystems to changing environmental conditions.

Rainer Helmig, AGU Fellow

Rainer Helmig

For sustained research integrating experimental and computational studies of multiphase flow and solute transport at a range of scales.

Timothy D. Herbert, AGU Fellow

Timothy D. Herbert

For seminal contributions toward understanding the patterns and causes of late Cenozoic ocean temperature changes.

Marika M. Holland, AGU Fellow

Marika M. Holland

For sustained contributions in polar research and climate modeling.

Shafiqul Islam, AGU Fellow

Shafiqul Islam

For exemplary contributions to and intellectual leadership in hydrology leading to the creation of a new area: water diplomacy.

Ralph A. Kahn, AGU Fellow

Ralph A. Kahn

For pioneering contributions to remote sensing of aerosol types, their distributions, and their use for answering societal questions.

Thomas R. Knutson, AGU Fellow

Thomas R. Knutson

For exceptional contributions to understanding the relation between climate and hurricanes and the detection and attribution of climate change.

Yochanan Kushnir, AGU Fellow

Yochanan Kushnir

For highly influential work on the variability of Earth’s climate focusing on the role of the ocean and its regional impacts.

Kate Lajtha, AGU Fellow

Kate Lajtha

For sustained impact on long-term soil carbon research and fundamental biogeochemical processes of soil carbon and nitrogen cycling.

Nadia Lapusta, AGU Fellow

Nadia Lapusta

For pioneering advances in physics-based numerical modeling of the earthquake cycle.

Ngar-Cheung Lau, AGU Fellow

Ngar-Cheung Lau

For innovative diagnoses leading to important advances in understanding of atmospheric low-frequency variability and El Niño teleconnection dynamics.

Jian Lin, AGU Fellow

Jian Lin

For outstanding contributions to our understanding of mid-ocean ridges, transform faults, subduction zones, and earthquake interaction.

Gang Lu, AGU Fellow

Gang Lu

For sustained excellence in understanding magnetosphere-ionosphere-thermosphere coupling by coordinated data analysis and modeling.

Barbara A. Maher, AGU Fellow

Barbara A. Maher

For outstanding contributions to understanding fine-particle magnetism, ancient monsoons, global dust cycles, and atmospheric particulate pollution.

Cathryn A. Manduca, AGU Fellow

Cathryn A. Manduca

For catalyzing the transformation of geoscience teaching and learning into a research-based enterprise.

Larry A. Mayer, AGU Fellow

Larry A. Mayer

For oceanographic and paleoceanographic insights and development of technology and techniques to study the ocean and its sediments.

I. Nicholas McCave, AGU Fellow

I. Nicholas McCave

For numerous insightful contributions to sedimentology, bottom boundary layer dynamics, and ocean history.

William H. McDowell, AGU Fellow

William H. McDowell

For sustained, outstanding contributions to understanding the role of streams and rivers in global carbon and nitrogen dynamics across world biomes.

Greg McFarquhar, AGU Fellow

Greg McFarquhar

For fundamental advances in the understanding of cloud properties and processes, leading to their improved representation in weather and climate models.

William Beall McKinnon, AGU Fellow

William Beall McKinnon

For exceptional contributions to our understanding of the geophysics of outer solar system bodies.


Isabel Patricia Montañez

For leading research in sedimentary geology and geochemistry, with breakthroughs in paleoclimatology that span the geological timescale.

Athanasios Nenes, AGU Fellows

Athanasios Nenes

For insightful contributions to atmospheric aerosol science, including instrumentation, widely used model algorithms, and scientific discoveries.

Augusto Neri, AGU Fellow

Augusto Neri

For sustained pioneering research that revolutionized understanding of eruption dynamics and vital global contributions to hazards mitigation.

Gregory S. Okin, AGU Fellow

Gregory S. Okin

For unveiling the land surface processes underlying the emission and deposition of dust in arid landscapes and the associated ecological impacts.

Glenn Scott Orton, AGU Fellow

Glenn Scott Orton

For innovative advances in observing and modeling the giant planets.

Aaron Packman, AGU Fellow

Aaron Packman

For integrating fluid mechanics, particle physics, and interfacial dynamics to provide a coherent view of fluvial hydrology and ecology.

George K. Parks, AGU Fellow

George K. Parks

For breakthrough discoveries in plasma physics, atmospheric electricity, and solar physics.

Josep Penuelas, AGU Fellow

Josep Penuelas

For innovative and exceptional scientific research on global change ecology and the Earth system, with sustained impact to science and society.

Laura J. Pyrak-Nolte, AGU Fellow

Laura J. Pyrak-Nolte

For pioneering research on the coupling between hydraulic, mechanical, and seismic processes in fractured rocks.

David M. Rubin, AGU Fellow

David M. Rubin

For outstanding studies on the orientation, motion, and stratification of ripples and dunes and contributions to sand management in the Grand Canyon.

Zachary D. Sharp, AGU Fellow

Zachary D. Sharp

For seminal work in the development and application of stable isotope geochemistry across the geophysical sciences.

Hanqin Tian, AGU Fellow

Hanqin Tian

For outstanding and pioneering contributions to understanding the role of terrestrial ecosystems in controlling sources and sinks of greenhouse gases.

Hrvoje Tkalčić, AGU Fellow

Hrvoje Tkalčić

For groundbreaking discoveries on Earth’s inner core and development of innovative geophysics methods to study seismic structures and sources.

Remko Uijlenhoet, AGU Fellow

Remko Uijlenhoet

For outstanding contributions to the development of remote sensing techniques to estimate space-time variability of rainfall.

Tonie van Dam, AGU Fellow

Tonie van Dam

For fundamental contributions to understanding and modeling the present-day loading effects that deform Earth’s surface.

Isabella Velicogna, AGU Fellow

Isabella Velicogna

For groundbreaking research to document and explain the evolution of ice sheets and groundwater resources using gravity remote sensing technologies.

Andrew W. Western, AGU Fellow

Andrew W. Western

For groundbreaking contributions to understanding hillslope to landscape-scale soil moisture patterns and their role in the hydrological cycle.

Garry Raymond Willgoose, AGU Fellow

Garry Raymond Willgoose

For pioneering, innovative, and sustained contributions to our understanding of the dynamic evolution of soilscapes and landscapes.

Tandong Yao, AGU Fellow

Tandong Yao

For seminal contributions to fundamental understanding of climate changes and associated environmental impacts in the Tibetan Plateau and its surroundings.

Qing-Zhu Yin, AGU Fellow

Qing-Zhu Yin

For major contributions to cosmochemistry using extinct nuclides to understand early solar system evolution.

Chidong Zhang, AGU Fellow

Chidong Zhang

For advances in understanding the Madden-Julian Oscillation and other phenomena coupling the tropical oceans and atmosphere.


(2021), Congratulations to the 2020 class of Fellows, Eos, 102, https://doi.org/10.1029/2021EO153172. Published on 02 February 2021.

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