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In 2016, AGU launched the journal GeoHealth to showcase exciting interdisciplinary research at the intersection of the Earth, environmental, and health sciences. Since its launch, GeoHealth has accepted over 300 papers and helped curate 16 special collections. The careful selection of high-quality papers has led to increased citations, impact, and reach of the journal.

Over the past two years, the journal has experienced a substantial increase in submissions, and this is set to continue as ever-more attention is paid to interdisciplinary research on topics vital to human health and well-being. Some great examples of new topical areas are our partnership on a host of creative and impactful special collections, including “Dust and dust storms: From physical processes to human health, safety, and welfare,” “Climate change and infectious diseases,” and “Equity in Co-Production.”

To keep up with the journal’s exciting growth, I am thrilled to announce three new Editors who have joined the team at GeoHealth: Dr. Adina Paytan, Dr. Sagnik Day, and Dr. Meredith Franklin. Expanding the base of editors and seeking to further internationalize the team will continue to support new submissions and help to conceive of new topical areas for the journal. I asked the new Editors to give a brief overview of their background and what they are looking forward to at GeoHealth:

Adina Paytan, University of California, Santa Cruz

“I am a biogeochemist, and an over-arching aspiration of my research is to understand the processes and feedbacks operating in the Earth System and how they relate to global change in climate and other anthropogenically induced perturbations and their interactions humans and the environment. Climate warming, extreme weather events, and worsening air quality have considerable impacts on human- and environmental health through changes in the spread, prevalence, and geographic distribution of diseases, and threats to food- and water quality and quantity. I am excited to join the editorial team of GeoHealth because I think that understanding these processes will contribute to building our resilience and reduce associated social inequalities.”

Sagnik Day, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi

“Mitigation efforts related to air pollution and climate change – the two most important environmental challenges faced by humanity – are disjointed, and health is often not considered at the forefront of these efforts. There are multiple challenges in advancing the knowledge on the complex pathways through which climate change impacts human health, more so in developing countries, because of a lack of robust exposure and health data and lack of an ecosystem in pursuing interdisciplinary research. Overcoming these challenges is critical in generating strategic knowledge that is relevant for policy framing and ensuring health benefits from climate action. I’m excited to join the Editorial Board of GeoHealth to promote and shape the path of geohealth research globally and enhance the quality of geohealth research in developing countries. I look forward to advancing scientific knowledge for application in societal benefits through the journal.”     

Meredith Franklin, University of Toronto

“My research is at the intersection of spatial and temporal statistics, the environment, and public health. I work in environmental exposure assessment, particularly involving the use of remote sensing observations. Much of my most cited work examines the association between air quality and health, and these studies were used in the Environmental Protection Agency’s updates to the National Ambient Air Quality Standards for PM2.5. GeoHealth provides a unique venue for interdisciplinary research that aims for a better understanding of the complex interactions between our physical environment and health. I am excited to be a part of a journal that highlights these important studies, which have broad impact towards promoting a healthier planet and population.”

We are pleased to have these three editors join our team and look forward to advancing the journal with them. For more information about our editorial board, Special Collections, highlights, and more, please visit our journal webpage. If you have any questions about our journal, please contact our editorial staff at geohealth@agu.org.

—Gabriel Filippelli (gfilippe@iupui.edu, ORCID logo0000-0003-3434-5982), Editor in Chief, GeoHealth

Citation: Filippelli, G. (2023), Geohealth expands topical areas with new editors, Eos, 104, https://doi.org/10.1029/2023EO235004. Published on 28 February 2023.
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