Climate Change

Pollution Spikes in Chile Tied to Soccer Fans’ Barbecuing

In Santiago, mysterious pollution spikes—tenfold above normal levels—occur during televised soccer matches and are caused by tens of thousands of barbecues, new results reveal.

How to Turn Our Cities Into Treetopias

We are and will continue to plant more street trees, urban groves and informal clusters of trees in our parks and green spaces. Treetopia has begun.

A Tribe’s Uphill Battle Against Climate Change

Tribes like the Quinault are ill-equipped to adapt their reservations to wide-ranging, increasing threats from climate change.

Earth Science / Geology

Rare Earthquake Swarm Strikes Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico hasn’t seen this many strong quakes in a single sequence since seismic monitoring began 46 years ago. The last earthquake to damage the island this badly occurred in 1918.

Tracking the Grand Canyon’s Mysterious Springs

Improved modeling will help protect a crucial drinking water source for both rims of Grand Canyon National Park.


Venus Exploration Starts in the Lab

Most technology would not last a day on our planet’s evil twin. By creating Venus’s surface and atmospheric conditions here on Earth, a team of engineers is designing spacecraft technology that will last for months.

Ancient Impact’s Seismic Waves Reveal Pluto’s Ocean, Core

By modeling the waves produced by a massive, ancient impact, scientists have begun to unlock the secrets of Pluto’s interior.


Rastreando Los Misteriosos Manantiales Del Gran Cañón

Mejorar los modelos ayudará a proteger una fuente crucial de agua potable para ambos bordes del Parque Nacional del Gran Cañón.

Los Incendios del Amazonas Contribuyen al Derretimiento de los Glaciares Andinos

Investigaciones recientes revelan que las emisiones de carbono negro producidas por los incendios en el Amazonas causan que los glaciares en los Andes absorban más radiación solar y se derritan más.