56,847 = Tweets sent from 12 through 18 December by 28,073 contributors using #AGU14

24,920 = People registered

23,224 = Abstracts submitted

8276 = Number of attendees who chose the program book opt-out option during registration

7577 = Number of live views of sessions and special lectures during the meeting via AGU’s Virtual Options

3202 = Student presentations judged for the Outstanding Student Paper Award

2323 = Number of registrants who made $5 gifts to support Student Travel Grants when they registered

2227 = Members who judged student presentations

2000 = Dollars raised by attendees for programs such as the Mass Media Fellowship by spinning the AGU Fun(d) Wheel at the AGU Marketplace booth within the Exhibit Hall

1500 = Square footage of the AGU Marketplace Booth in the Moscone South Exhibit Hall

975 = People who attended the family-friendly Exploration Station

855 = Items sold at the AGU Marketplace and Gift Shop

829 = AGU membership renewals processed

320 = Gigabytes of video recorded by AGU videographer Derek Sollosi

318 = Student contest t-shirts sold at the AGU Marketplace (all profits support future Student Travel Grants)

304 = Signatures gathered by six student volunteers for a petition supporting travel to scientific conferences for government scientists and increased federal funding for science

300 = Women who attended the Networking Reception for Early-Career Female Scientists and Students

286 = Exhibitors registered

230 = AGU editors and associate editors honored at the Editors’ Evening

191 = Student and Berkner Travel Grants used to support attendance at the meeting

142 = Student volunteers who helped at various events in exchange for a compensated registration

124 = Students who attended the inaugural Student & Early Career Scientist Conference

113 = People who attended the inaugural Diversity Reception

102 = Remote viewing sites where members participated in the virtual offerings

101 = Number of countries represented by international attendees

89 = Honorees recognized

84 = AGU staff in attendance

52 = Number of geoscience professionals who participated at the Career Opportunities Networking Luncheon

48 = Town Halls held

36 = Miles walked by AGU Public Affairs Director Lexi Shultz, as measured by her pedometer

22 = Sharing Science events held

20 = Union Sessions held

19 = Press conferences held

11 = Age (in years) of the youngest Bright Students Training as Research Scientists (Bright STaRS) participant who showcased research in the poster hall

10 = Students in the science communication program at University of California, Santa Cruz, who contributed to the GeoSpace blog

7 = Number of geoscience professional showcase exhibitors

Priceless = The look on the face of a Cub Scout who’s just earned a Geology Belt Loop at the Exploration Station

—Pranoti M. Asher, Manager, Education and Public Outreach, AGU; email: pasher@agu.org; with many contributions from AGU staff

Citation: Asher, P. M. (2015), 2014 Fall Meeting by the numbers, Eos, 96, doi:10.1029/2015EO023295. Published on 5 February 2015.

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