Screenshot of the AGU On-Demand platform.
A screenshot of the AGU On-Demand platform. Credit: INXPO

With more than 20,000 oral and poster sessions expected, American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting attendees often face the daunting challenge of fitting all the presentations they wish to attend into an already busy schedule that may include meetings, workshops, and networking events. In addition, those who follow the meeting only on social media may miss out on the personal experience. The Web-based AGU On-Demand program offers an option to participate anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

AGU On-Demand offers, through a simple registration process, free global access to sessions via live streaming or on demand. This year’s program begins with a live stream of the Public Lecture, “How Do We Choose a Landing Site on Mars?,” on 11 December at 12:00 p.m. (Pacific time). On-demand video becomes available soon after each session’s live-streaming video ends. AGU On-Demand expanded significantly this year, providing both meeting attendees and on-demand attendees with the ability to customize their own Fall Meeting agenda to view preferred programs and lectures. This year’s program features eight channels that correspond to the 2016 Fall Meeting’s interdisciplinary SWIRL themes, including two new channels focusing on the hot-button issues of geohealth and data and emerging technologies. Other channels, such as Union sessions, cover topics applicable across all fields of Earth and space science and have a broad interest outside of a single section or focus group.

The eight channels featured on AGU On-Demand.
AGU On-Demand provides free global access to eight channels of live-streamed and on-demand content of breakthrough research and presentations taking place during Fall Meeting. Credit: AGU

The keynote lectures and many other sessions of interest to an international audience are also available on AGU On-Demand. Some examples are the “New Generation of Scientists,” which will honor the 2016 Macelwane medalists, the Science for Solutions Award recipient, and the Africa Awards for Research Excellence in Earth and Space Science recipients; the “AGU-EGU Great Debate,” which will address global opportunities and threats to new Arctic environments; the “AGU-JpGU Great Debate,” which will discuss the changing role of geoscientists as population increase and rapid urbanization make natural disasters increasingly complex; and the “COP21 Panel: The Path Forward from Paris, One Year Later.”

For more information on AGU On-Demand or to register, visit the program’s Fall Meeting Web page.

—Lauren Parr (email:, Meetings Director, AGU


Parr, L. (2016), AGU On-Demand expands channels and features, Eos, 97, Published on 05 December 2016.

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