The following American Geophysical Union (AGU) members received Outstanding Student Paper Awards at the 2015 Joint Assembly in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Winners have individual pages on AGU’s website.

Atmospheric Sciences

Coordinators: Roya Mortazavi, Daniel Nadeau

Jean-Sebastien Landry, McGill University, Global carbon cycle and temperature impacts of future changes in fire regime

Bernardo Teufel, University of Quebec at Montreal, Impact of interactive vegetation phenology on the simulated pan-Arctic land surface state


Coordinators: Ru Chen, Susan Natali

Azadeh Joshani, Concordia University, Investigating preservation of organic matter through complexation with iron oxides

Earth Surface Processes

Coordinators: James Brenan, Hao Ferrier

Camille Ouellet Dallaire, McGill University, River reach classification at high spatial resolution to support the assessment of environmental flow requirements in Canada


Coordinators: Terri Hogue, Tara Troy

Offer Rozenstein, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Diurnal emissivity dynamics in bare versus biocrusted sand dunes

Sarah Scarlett, University of Waterloo, Controls on plot-scale evapotranspiration from a constructed fen in a post-mined oil sands landscape, Fort McMurray, Alberta


Coordinator: Sandeep Mahajan

Yelena Kropivnitskaya, Western University, Sensitivity analysis of eastern Canada high resolution seismic hazard maps to the ground motion prediction equations

Solid Earth

Coordinator: Heather Watson

Evan Eshelman, York University, Stand-off detection and mapping of mineral and organic compounds using ultraviolet Raman spectroscopy


Coordinator: Julia Morgan

Renaud Soucy La Roche, Queen’s University, Syn-compression normal-sense low-angle detachment in the Himalayan foreland, Western Nepal: Implications for orogenic models

Volcanology, Geochemistry, and Petrology

Coordinators: Michael Bizimis, Eric Brown, Sarah Brownlee, Michelle Coombs, Brian Dreyer, Qi Fu, Sarah Lambart, Noah McClean, Sean Mulcahy, Tyrone Rooney, Fang-Zhen Teng

Patrick Beaudry, Queens College, City University of New York, Sulphur isotope fractionation during degassing of Canary Island magmas

Jennifer Blanchard, Carleton University, Modelling the structure and composition of layered intrusions in plume center regions using potential field data

Citation: AGU (2015), Outstanding Student Paper Awards, Eos, 96, doi:10.1029/2015EO032323. Published on 2 July 2015.

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