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Users of the IEEE Xplore database can now find articles from AGU’s Radio Science and Space Weather journals.

Two of AGU’s journals, Radio Science and Space Weather, are now indexed in IEEE Xplore, a digital library of scholarly research focused on the topics of computer science and engineering.

Thousands of IEEE Xplore users worldwide will now be able to find more than 7000 articles from these two journals. Within this database of more than 4000 publication titles, users can perform full-text searches and use tools that refine results by title, author, affiliation, publication, publication date, and more.

Brooks Hanson, director of AGU Publications, noted, “Now that these articles are more discoverable by the broader engineering community, we are increasing the likelihood they will be read and cited. And we also hope that this cross-pollinates new relationships between engineers and Earth and space scientists.”

—Jamie Liu (email:, Marketing Manager, AGU


Liu, J. (2017), Radio Science and Space Weather now available on IEEE Xplore, Eos, 98, Published on 09 March 2017.

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