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On 26 July, the American Meteorological Society (AMS) announced the recipients of its 2018 AMS honors, including the Earth and space scientists mentioned alphabetically below.

Michael A. Alexander of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) will be honored with the Sverdrup Gold Medal. Ghassem R. Asrar of the Joint Global Change Research Institute will be recognized with the Cleveland Abbe Award for Distinguished Service to Atmospheric Sciences by an Individual. Christopher C. Balch from the NOAA was chosen for the Francis W. Reichelderfer Award. Kenneth F. Carey of ERT, Inc., will receive the Joanne Simpson Mentorship Award. Clara Deser of the National Center for Atmospheric Research will be recognized as the Walter Orr Roberts Lecturer in Interdisciplinary Sciences. Karen De Seve of Creative Content Studio was selected for the Louis J. Battan Author’s Award K–12. Francina Dominguez of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign will be honored with the Henry G. Houghton Award. Dara Entekhabi of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology will receive the David and Lucille Atlas Remote Sensing Prize. Jose D. Fuentes of Pennsylvania State University in University Park was chosen for the Award for Outstanding Achievement in Biometeorology. Alex Garcia, AMS certified broadcast meteorologist at the Sinclair Broadcast Group, was selected for the Award for Excellence in Science Reporting by a Broadcast Meteorologist. Kristine C. Harper, Florida State University, will receive the Louis J. Battan Author’s Award. John F. Henz, a certified consulting meteorologist in Phoenix, Ariz., will be honored with the Henry T. Harrison Award for Outstanding Contributions by a Consulting Meteorologist. Gregory C. Johnson of NOAA will be recognized with the Henry Stommel Research Award. Daniel Keeton of the National Weather Service in Sacramento, Calif., will receive the Charles L. Mitchell Award. George N. Kiladis of NOAA was selected as the Bernhard Haurwitz Memorial Lecturer. Maggie Koerth-Baker of FiveThirtyEight was chosen for the Award for Distinguished Science Journalism in the Atmospheric and Related Sciences. Witold F. Krajewski of the University of Iowa will be honored with the Hydrologic Sciences Medal. Gary S. Lagerloef of Earth and Space Research, Seattle, Wash., will receive the Verner E. Suomi Award. Dennis P. Lettenmaier of the University of California, Los Angeles, was chosen for the Jule G. Charney Award. Kuo-Nan Liou of the University of California, Los Angeles, was selected for the Carl-Gustaf Rossby Research Medal. Vernon R. Morris of Howard University will be recognized with the Charles E. Anderson Award. Joel N. Myers of AccuWeather, State College, Pa., and Pennsylvania State University, University Park, will be honored with the Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Advance of Applied Meteorology. Gerald R. North of Texas A&M University in College Station was chosen as the Robert E. Horton Lecturer in Hydrology. Brad Panovich of NBC Charlotte and the University of North Carolina at Charlotte will receive the Award for Broadcast Meteorology. Prescient Weather Ltd., located in State College, Pa., was selected for the Award for Outstanding Services to Meteorology by a Corporation. Justin Pullin, Phil Warren, Becky DePodwin, and Ali Davis of AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions will be recognized with the Award for an Exceptional Specific Prediction. J. Marshall Shepherd of the University of Georgia in Athens was chosen for the Helmut E. Landsberg Award. Emily L. Shroyer of Oregon State University will receive the Nicholas P. Fofonoff Award. David R. Smith of the U.S. Naval Academy was chosen for the Charles Franklin Brooks Award. Trude Storelvmo of Yale University will be honored with the Clarence Leroy Meisinger Award. The Tropical Cyclone Satellite Analysis Team at the Naval Research Laboratory was selected to receive a Special Award. Susan C. van den Heever of Colorado State University in Fort Collins will receive the Edward N. Lorenz Teaching Excellence Award. Elizabeth C. Weatherhead of the University of Colorado at Boulder was selected for the Kenneth C. Spengler Award.

AMS will present the above honors to their recipients at the 98th AMS Annual Meeting in Austin, Texas, 7­­­–11 January 2018.


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