Forest fire rages at night.
Wildfires like this one have created respiratory problems for more than a million people across Southeast Asia. Credit: Afrianto Silalahi/NurPhoto/Getty Images

A Blood-Red Sky: Fires Leave a Million Indonesians Gasping. Wildfires in Indonesia, many begun deliberately to clear land to produce palm oil and wood pulp, are the worst since 2015 and threaten endangered species and human health. The article and its many disturbing but beautiful photographs remind me to be thoughtful about my choices as a consumer.
Faith Ishii, Production Manager

Google Searches for “Climate Change” Finally Beat Out Game of Thrones. September was a big month for climate coverage in the media. Looks like it finally beat out Game of Thrones on Google searches!

Jenessa Duncombe, Staff Writer

NASA Visualization Shows a Black Hole’s Warped World.

I find NASA’s new animation of a black hole mesmerizing. Check it out for yourself, but be careful—you just may get sucked in.

—Tshawna Byerly, Copy Editor

The Water Is Rising in Kīlauea’s Halema‘uma‘u.

I could watch this animation of the water level rising in Halema‘uma‘u for hours, contemplating what it says about the geology and hydrology beneath the volcano. The greenish-bluish-yellowish palette of the water surface, with steam wafting above, is at once eerie and beautiful.

Timothy Oleson, Science Editor

Nuclear Winter May Bring a Decade of Destruction.

Nuclear winter would follow a prolonged series of nuclear explosions in urban areas. The more than 2,000 nuclear explosions that have already been detonated have largely been in unpopulated areas, such as Bikini Atoll, above. Credit: U.S. Department of Energy

A fascinating study models a war between the United States and Russia, but left me thinking about literal and figurative fallout from other state and nonstate actors.

Caryl-Sue, Managing Editor

Mars Is Heaven.

Phil Plait said it best on Twitter: “What you need today is a staggeringly huge, high-res, and drop-dead GORGEOUS pic of Mars from pole-to-pole. Yeah, trust me here. Wow.” Yep, he did not oversell that one.

Kimberly Cartier, Staff Writer


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