Erik Klemetti

Erik Klemetti, Science Writer


Erik Klemetti is an associate professor at Denison University and has been there since 2009. He teaches in both the Geosciences and Narrative Journalism programs including classes such as Petrology & Volcanology, Geology of the Solar System, Rocks & Minerals, and Science Writing for the Public. His research examines how magma is stored and generated at volcanoes such as Lassen Peak, Mt. Hood, and the Tumalo Volcanic Center in Oregon. Klemetti writes for Rocky Planet, a blog about geology and Discover Magazine; he has previously written for Wired and the Washington Post. He has also regularly appeared on CNN International, NPR, BBC, and CBC to discuss volcanoes. He has a B.A. in geosciences and history from Williams College and a Ph.D. in geology from Oregon State University.


Denison University


Granville, Ohio

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