2021 Honors AGU

AGU sections recognize outstanding work within their fields by annually hosting numerous awards and lectures. Individuals are selected as section honorees on the basis of meritorious work or service toward the advancement and promotion of discovery and solution science. Each one of you made tremendous personal sacrifices and selflessly dedicated yourselves to advancing Earth and space sciences. Your discoveries and solutions are simply remarkable.

We hope you take some time to celebrate your well-deserved recognition. We also know that for each one of you there is a group of people who were invaluable to your success. We greatly appreciate the efforts of those mentors, supportive colleagues, friends, and loved ones.

2021 awardees details:

  • 23 AGU sections gave 80 awards/honors
    • 5 awards are for students/postdocs
    • 29 winners are early-career scientists (up to 10 years post-Ph.D.)
    • 17 winners are midcareer (10–20 years post-Ph.D.)
    • 19 winners are senior scientists (experienced and an established leader)
    • 9 awards are given to honorees in the midcareer or senior career stage
    • 1 award is given to all career stages
    • 30 awards are for named lectureships, offered by AGU sections to recognize distinguished scientists with proven leadership in their fields of science

The 30 named lectureships offer unique opportunities to highlight the remarkable accomplishments of the awardees. AGU inaugurated the Bowie Lectures in 1989 to commemorate the 50th presentation of the William Bowie Medal, which is named for AGU’s first president and is the highest honor given by the organization. This year’s Bowie Lectures have an asterisk by their names in the list below. Please add these named lectures to your calendars for #AGU21.

Finally, we are grateful to the nominators, nomination supporters, section leaders, and selection committees for selecting these deserving colleagues. Your volunteer hours are invaluable to our community.

Again, congratulations to the 2021 section awardees and named lecturers!

—Susan Lozier, President, AGU; and LaToya Myles (honors@agu.org), Chair, Honors and Recognition Committee, AGU

Atmospheric and Space Electricity Section

Benjamin Franklin Lecture
Donald R. MacGorman, Cooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies

Atmospheric Sciences Section

Atmospheric Sciences Ascent Award
Benjamin John Murray, University of Leeds
Kerri Pratt, University of Michigan
Nicole Riemer, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Isla Simpson, National Center for Atmospheric Research

James R. Holton Award
Marysa M. Laguë, Coldwater Lab, University of Saskatchewan

Yoram J. Kaufman Outstanding Research and Unselfish Cooperation Award
Oleg Dubovik, University of Lille 1

Jacob Bjerknes Lecture*
Joyce Penner, University of Michigan

Jule Gregory Charney Lecture*
Wayne H. Schubert, Colorado State University

Future Horizons in Climate Science: Turco Lectureship
Yuan Wang, California Institute of Technology

Biogeosciences Section

Thomas Hilker Early Career Award for Excellence in Biogeosciences
Jennifer B. Glass, Georgia Institute of Technology

Sulzman Award for Excellence in Education and Mentoring
Susan Natali, Woodwell Climate Research Center

William S. and Carelyn Y. Reeburgh Lecture
Edward J. Brook, Oregon State University

Cryosphere Sciences Section

Cryosphere Early Career Award
Brooke Medley, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

John F. Nye Lecture
Andrew Fowler, University of Limerick

Earth and Planetary Surface Processes Section

G. K. Gilbert Award in Surface Processes
David C. Mohrig, University of Texas at Austin

Luna B. Leopold Early Career Award
Mathieu G. A. Lapôtre, Stanford University

Marguerite T. Williams Award
Nicole M. Gasparini, Tulane University

Robert Sharp Lecture
Mathieu G. A. Lapôtre, Stanford University

Earth and Space Science Informatics Section

Greg Leptoukh Lecture
Charles S. Zender, University of California, Irvine

Education Section

Dorothy LaLonde Stout Education Lecture
Emily H. G. Cooperdock, University of Southern California

Geodesy Section

John Wahr Early Career Award
Lin Liu, Chinese University of Hong Kong
Surendra Adhikari, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology

William Bowie Lecture*
Glenn A. Milne, University of Ottawa

GeoHealth Section

GeoHealth Section Award
Geoffrey S. Plumlee, U.S. Geological Survey

Geomagnetism, Paleomagnetism, and Electromagnetism Section

William Gilbert Award
Richard J. Blakely, U.S. Geological Survey

Edward Bullard Lecture*
Barbara Maher, Lancaster University

Global Environmental Change Section

Bert Bolin Global Environmental Change Award and Lecture
Thomas L. Delworth, Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory, NOAA

Global Environmental Change Early Career Award
Alexandra G. Konings, Stanford University
Bin Zhao, Tsinghua University
Kimberly A. Novick, Indiana University Bloomington

Piers J. Sellers Global Environmental Change Mid-Career Award
Charles D. Koven, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Stephen Schneider Lecture
Alan Robock, Rutgers University

Tyndall History of Global Environmental Change Lecture
Michael D. Dettinger, Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Hydrology Section

Hydrologic Sciences Early Career Award
Laura E. Condon, University of Arizona
Adrian Adam Harpold, University of Nevada, Reno
Scott Jasechko, University of California, Santa Barbara
Pamela L. Sullivan, Oregon State University

Hydrologic Sciences Award
Jiri Simunek, University of California, Riverside

Walter Langbein Lecture*
John W. Pomeroy, University of Saskatchewan

Paul A. Witherspoon Lecture
Junguo Liu, Southern University of Science and Technology

Mineral and Rock Physics Section

Mineral and Rock Physics Early Career Award
Takayuki Ishii, Center for High Pressure Science and Technology Advanced Research

Mineral and Rock Physics Graduate Research Award
Kosuke Yabe, Earthquake Research Institute, University of Tokyo

John C. Jamieson Student Paper Award
Mingda Lv, Argonne National Laboratory

Natural Hazards Section

Natural Hazards Section Award for Graduate Research
Leah Salditch, Northwestern University

Natural Hazards Early Career Award
Chia-Ying Lee, Columbia University
Daniel Wright, University of Wisconsin–Madison

Gilbert F. White Distinguished Award and Lecture
Gerald E. Galloway, University of Maryland

Near-Surface Geophysics Section

Near-Surface Geophysics Early Career Achievement Award
Ryan Smith, Missouri University of Science and Technology

Nonlinear Geophysics Section

Ed Lorenz Lecture
Valerio Lucarini, University of Reading

Ocean Sciences Section

Ocean Sciences Early Career Award
Malte Jansen, University of Chicago

Ocean Sciences Award
Alistair Adcroft, Princeton University and Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory, NOAA

Rachel Carson Lecture
Andrea G. Grottoli, Ohio State University

Harald Sverdrup Lecture
Verena Tunnicliffe, University of Victoria

Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology Section

Willi Dansgaard Award
Aradhna Tripati, University of California, Los Angeles

Harry Elderfield Student Paper Award
Jordan T. Abell, University of Arizona

Nanne Weber Early Career Award
Clara L. Blättler, University of Chicago

Planetary Sciences Section

Ronald Greeley Early Career Award in Planetary Sciences
Timothy A. Goudge, University of Texas at Austin

Fred Whipple Award and Lecture
Paul Schenk, Lunar and Planetary Institute

Eugene Shoemaker Lecture*
Athena Coustenis, Laboratoire d’Etudes Spatiales et d’Instrumentation en Astrophysique, Paris Observatory, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Paris Sciences et Lettres University

Seismology Section

Keiiti Aki Early Career Award
Yihe Huang, University of Michigan

Beno Gutenberg Lecture*
Gregory C. Beroza, Stanford University

Space Physics and Aeronomy Section

Eugene Parker Lecture*
James A. Klimchuk, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Fred L. Scarf Award
Luisa Capannolo, Boston University

Space Physics and Aeronomy Richard Carrington Education and Public Outreach Award
Keith M. Groves, Institute for Scientific Research, Boston College
Elizabeth MacDonald, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Sunanda and Santimay Basu International Early Career Award in Sun-Earth Systems Science
Chao Yue, Peking University

Basu U.S. Early Career Award for Research Excellence in Sun-Earth Systems Science
Trevor Bowen, Space Sciences Laboratory, University of California, Berkeley

William B. Hanson Lecture*
Jonathan J. Makela, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

James Van Allen Lecture*
Mei-Ching Hannah Fok, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Study of the Earth’s Deep Interior Section

Study of the Earth’s Deep Interior Section Award for Graduate Research
Mingda Lv, Argonne National Laboratory

Tectonophysics Section

Jason Morgan Early Career Award
Juliane Dannberg, University of Florida

Francis Birch Lecture*
Taras Gerya, ETH Zurich

Volcanology, Geochemistry, and Petrology Section

Hisashi Kuno Award
Ming Tang, Peking University

Norman L. Bowen Award and Lecture
Catherine Chauvel, Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris
George W. Bergantz, University of Washington

Reginald Daly Lecture*
Anat Shahar, Carnegie Institution for Science

Joint Award: Geodesy, Seismology, and Tectonophysics Sections

Paul G. Silver Award for Outstanding Scientific Service
Richard W. Allmendinger, Cornell University

Joint Lecture: Biogeosciences and Planetary Sciences Sections

Carl Sagan Lecture
Sarah Stewart Johnson, Georgetown University

Joint Lecture: Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology and Ocean Sciences Sections

Cesare Emiliani Lecture
Baerbel Hoenisch, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University

19 November 2021: This article has been updated to include the recipients of the GeoHealth Section Award and the Basu U.S. Early Career Award for Research Excellence in Sun-Earth Systems Science.

Citation: Lozier, S., L. Myles (2021), 2021 AGU section awardees and named lecturers, Eos, 102, https://doi.org/10.1029/2021EO163068. Published on 10 September 2021.
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