Aerial photo of large wind turbines on a cloudy mountaintop

“Human activities are changing Earth’s climate.”

AGU has continually strived to lead the conversation when it comes to climate change—these words lead our official position statement, first adopted in 1998 and evolving over time to reflect the steadily increasing evidence about how human activities are changing our world. (AGU will open a revised statement for member comment later this week.)

One of our most important duties at AGU is to highlight crucial research and translate it for the rest of the world, through the reported news, science updates, and research spotlights you read every day on Eos and through AGU’s newsroom, which highlights the research of our member scientists. That’s why we’ve joined more than 220 news outlets and organizations for the Covering Climate Now initiative, founded by the Columbia Journalism Review and The Nation, in partnership with The Guardian. The initiative “aims to convene and inform a conversation among journalists about how all news outlets—big and small, digital and print, TV and radio, US-based and abroad—can do justice to the defining story of our time.”

Eos has committed to running a full week of climate coverage from 16 to 23 September (in addition to our usual robust coverage) in the run-up to the Climate Action Summit hosted by the United Nations in New York. AGU will also provide tools to reporters covering the climate change story and highlight climate change–related content from our journals, blogs, and elsewhere throughout the week.

Follow along with @theAGU and @AGU_Eos next week using the #CoveringClimateNow hashtag and through our Eos Buzz and AGUniverse newsletters. We’ll also be updating this post with our coverage. AGU and Eos are committed—now and in the future—to getting climate science research in front of the eyes of the public so we can all make the best decisions possible to protect this one world we have.

—Heather Goss (@heathermg), Editor in Chief, Eos; and Nanci Bompey (@nbompey), Public Information, AGU


Goss, H.,Bompey, N. (2019), AGU and Eos are “covering climate now”, Eos, 100, Published on 11 September 2019.

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