Scientists taking part in the NSF-funded Arctic Chief Scientist Training Cruise aboard the R/V Sikuliaq. Credit: Lloyd Pikok Jr., UIC Science
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Source: AGU Advances

It’s important and long overdue that in recent years our community has begun to pay deeper attention to obstacles and discrimination experienced by underrepresented groups: it’s not fair or right to exclude people, and we need everyone’s shoulder at the wheel. But the work we do is complicated and wide ranging in location and organization, and people are diverse, so both the problems that arise and their possible solutions will vary.

In their Commentary, McMonigal et al. [2023] focus on issues that transgender and gender-diverse colleagues face when performing fieldwork at sea. Most important, based on their lived experiences, they suggest simple and common sense ways for us to be more inclusive when planning work in isolated and remote circumstances.

Citation: McMonigal, K., Evans, N., Jones, D., Brett, J., James, R. C., Arroyo, M. C., et al. (2023). Navigating gender at sea. AGU Advances, 4, e2023AV000927.

—Peter Zeitler, Editor, AGU Advances

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