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AGU publishes 19 journals and nearly 6000 papers per year, representing research on cutting-edge science as well as current syntheses, reviews, special issues, and commentary. Nearly 100 editors lead the peer review and manuscript selection process for our science, which extends from microbiology and Earth’s core to Earth’s atmosphere, oceans, and climate to beyond our solar system. Our science also spans time from the age of the Earth to Earth’s future. AGU’s editors bring broad perspective to our science through their editorial role and their own research.

We are launching AGU Editors’ Vox as a platform for these editors to share their perspective more widely and as a way of elevating a broader dialog on important science. Editors’ Vox is part of the Opinion section of and will be included in its e-alerts and feeds.

The scope of Editors’ Vox is broad. The editors will discuss important Earth and space science research published in all journals, not just AGU’s, as well as recent books, trends, happenings, conferences, workshops, debates, and more. We may at times invite guest posts from other thought leaders or ask authors of recent papers to expand on their research or have moderated interviews with them. Editors will provide suggestions for navigating meetings and sessions as well as occasional advice on authorship and publishing.

Editors’ Vox adds to and complements other perspectives from AGU scientists that are included elsewhere on, in AGU’s blogosphere, as well as community Facebook pages around space, water, planets, and oceans. We will work to share and point to relevant content across these sites.

You can sign up for a feed for recent posts here. As part of, your comments are welcome on any post. If you have a suggestion for a topic or other idea, send your feedback to  Let’s start talking.

—Brooks Hanson, Director of Publications, AGU; email:


Hanson, B. (2015), The voice of AGU’s editors, Eos, 96, Published on 29 October 2015.

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