Társilo Girona
Társilo Girona

Társilo Girona received undergraduate training from the University of Valencia and the Complutense University of Madrid, the latter being from where he received a bachelor’s degree in physics (2009) and a master’s degree in geophysics and meteorology (2010). During his undergraduate studies, he was awarded by the Spanish National Research Council to perform an internship at the Institute of Earth Sciences Jaume Almera, Barcelona, where he started his career in physical volcanology. In 2010, Társilo received a Singapore International Graduate Award to carry out his Ph.D. at the Earth Observatory of Singapore, an institute of Nanyang Technological University. His doctoral research, advised by Dr. Fidel Costa, focused on understanding the dynamics of frequently erupting volcanoes through new theoretical, computational, and experimental models. After his graduation in 2015, Társilo was a postdoctoral research fellow at the Earth Observatory of Singapore before moving to Georgia Institute of Technology to work with Dr. Chris Huber. Since September 2016, he further develops his postdoctoral research at Brown University. Társilo’s interests include volcanic eruption dynamics and earthquake mechanics, and he aims to contribute in improving the prediction of natural disasters.


(2016), Girona receives 2016 Natural Hazards Focus Group Award for Graduate Research, Eos, 97, https://doi.org/10.1029/2016EO061021. Published on 20 October 2016.

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