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Resources for Online Geoscience Learning. With all the disruptions in education lately, courtesy of you know what, I have noticed a lot of people and organizations generously sharing ideas of online teaching and learning resources. It’s truly heartwarming—and helpful. Here are a few examples specific to the geosciences:

—Timothy Oleson, Science Editor

The Moon Dressed as Saturn.

It’s nice to see the Moon having fun. But, seriously, if the Moon ever did develop a ring that big, we would probably be in a lot of trouble.
—Kimberly Cartier, Staff Writer

March Madness: Science Edition.

Have you secretly felt like your science is the best science in the land (or universe)? Well, now is your time to prove it. Popular Mechanics is having a bracket to end all brackets: the Battle of the Ologies. The competition pins 64 fields of study against one another to duke it out for the grand “Best Science” title. With voting open in the first round, pitting agrostology against volcanology [grasses versus volcanoes —Ed.] against enigmatology and more, now is your time to root for the field you know the world couldn’t do without.
—Jenessa Duncombe, Staff Writer

Past Seasons Hidden Underground. To take a moment from the pandemic going on in our lives, let’s reflect on how Eos is going strong. We’re reporting news and still getting the magazine printed through snowmaggedon, power outages, and now COVID-19. Let’s not forget about how climate change is real.
—Melissa Tribur, Production Specialist

Time Has No Meaning at the North Pole. A gorgeous, thoughtful meditation on nothing less than the concept of time and how it informs our lives. À la recherche du temps Polarstern.
—Caryl-Sue, Managing Editor


(2020), This week: From online ed to the battle of the ologies, Eos, 101, Published on 20 March 2020.

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