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We are delighted to announce that Isaac Santos, Professor of Marine Biogeochemistry at the University of Gothenburg, has just taken over as Editor in Chief of Global Biogeochemical Cycles (GBC). We asked him about his research interests and vision for the future of the journal.

What are your own areas of scientific interest? 

I have training in Chemical Oceanography. Much of my research has focused on coastal biogeochemical problems. I use isotopic tracers to study the aquatic carbon and nitrogen cycles from headwater streams to the continental shelf – usually in coastal systems such as estuaries, mangroves, coral reefs, and saltmarshes.

My ongoing research projects focus on quantifying submarine groundwater discharge into the ocean and carbon sequestration in coastal blue carbon ecosystems. I always engage students in my projects and appreciate seeing their growth as fully independent thinkers.

What does it mean to you to serve as Editor in Chief of Global Biogeochemical Cycles?

I have enjoyed serving as an associate editor for multiple journals and value global scientific collaboration. We have heard much about the need for AGU to go beyond promoting scientific excellence. This assignment is a tremendous opportunity to walk the talk. I want to be a positive force promoting an inclusive community, open science principles, and research that contributes to sustainable development goals.

Global Biogeochemical Cycles has been dear to me for a long time. I remember holding hard copies of AGU journals in a small oceanographic library as an undergraduate in Rio Grande, Brazil. I used to dream about publishing in those journals. I now have an opportunity to give back and further grow Global Biogeochemical Cycles! I am excited to engage with my predecessors, editorial board, and authors to develop the field.

What makes Global Biogeochemical Cycles special?

We fill a unique niche by publishing only papers with large-scale context and implications going beyond the study site.

Global Biogeochemical Cycles is the premier biogeochemistry journal and is proud to transcend conventional disciplinary boundaries. We fill a unique niche by publishing only papers with large-scale context and implications going beyond the study site. I love GBC’s philosophy of featuring research with no geographical boundaries and widespread ecosystem applications.

We have an exceptional editorial board that treats the community with integrity and respect, ensuring high standards in peer review and giving authors a fair, consistent process.

How do you plan to take the journal forward in the coming years?

The journal is in excellent shape and has maintained an outstanding reputation from its conception. My primary job is to preserve GBC’s vision, values, and excellence.

As a truly global journal, GBC belongs to the global community. I grew up in Brazil, did my PhD in Florida, built a career in Australia, and moved to Sweden a couple years ago. I encourage authors from developing countries and early career researchers to have a go at GBC. I am keen to demystify the publication process and support authors looking at GBC as the next destination in their scientific journeys.

As Editor in Chief, I must listen to the community GBC represents and act on their behalf. We plan to expand the editorial board to fully represent our diverse international community – please reach out if you are interested in contributing!

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In terms of scientific content, I will be encouraging both reflective reviews and forward-looking commentary papers. We’re also launching a new special collection to attract papers reviewing groups of elements or compounds; feel free to pitch your paper ideas! Those papers often reach beyond academic circles.

We also want to enhance social media presence and just created a Twitter account (you can follow us @AGUGBC).

—Isaac Santos (isaac.santos@gu.se, ORCID logo 0000-0003-0524-842X), Editor in Chief of Global Biogeochemical Cycles, and University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Citation: Santos, I. (2022), Introducing the New Editor in Chief of Global Biogeochemical CyclesEos, 103, https://doi.org/10.1029/2022EO215004. Published on 24 January 2022.
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