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Advancing Ensemble Methods in Space Weather Forecasting

A short, must-read, report for anyone developing new space weather forecasts.

Source: Space Weather


Over the past few decades, ensemble modelling has become a key technique for understanding and forecasting geophysical phenomena. A short meeting report by Guerra et al. [2020] highlights the progress made in applying ensembles to the forecasting of space weather phenomena. This is a key pathway towards better forecasts that not only improve accuracy but that also quantify the uncertainty inherent in such forecasts. This can help users of forecasts assess the benefits and costs of actions to mitigate the expected impacts of space weather. I encourage readers interested in research into, and use of, ensemble methods to read the report and to follow the links provided in the report.

Citation: Guerra, J. A., Murray, S. A., & Doornbos, E. [2020]. The use of ensembles in Space Weather Forecasting. Space Weather, 18, e2020SW002443.

 —Michael A. Hapgood, Editor, Space Weather

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