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Relationship between the relative azimuthal wind speed G(r), as function of the normalized radius of the storm (r/r0) for various values of the quantity γ shown in the solid-colored lines. G(r) is defined as the ratio of the azimuthal speed V(r) and the absolute-angular-momentum-conserving azimuthal wind speed VAMC, r/r0 varies from 0 at the outer edge of the storm, to 1 at the storm center; and γ = cD f r0/wr, where cD is the drag coefficient, f is the Coriolis parameter, r0 the outer radius of the storm, and wr is the radiative-subsidence speed (see manuscript for more details). Also shown are the Bessel function (dashed lines) and empirical (dotted lines) approximations. Credit: Cronin [2023], Figure 2a
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Source: Geophysical Research Letters

How hurricane winds decay with the distance of the storm center is an important concept that has direct application in risk analysis and determining damage due to a storm. A theoretical model for the relationship between the azimuthal wind speed and the storm distance V(r) was developed by Emanuel in 2004, however, until now there has been no analytical solution for this theory.

Cronin [2023] presents a new analytical solution for the Emanuel [2004] model for the outer winds of the storm (outside of the core rainy region). The properties of the solution are discussed and, following Chavas et al. [2015], this new outer winds solution is merged with the inner solution wind profile of Emanuel and Rotunno [2011], leading to full storm wind profile that can be directly applied in hurricane hazard models and other applications.

Citation: Cronin, T. W. (2023). An analytic model for Tropical cyclone outer winds. Geophysical Research Letters, 50, e2023GL103942.

—Suzana Camargo, Editor, Geophysical Research Letters

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