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The Perils of Computing Too Much and Thinking Too Little

Big steps forward are synonymous with new ideas – a thought that merits mindfulness if we aspire to train students to do more than merely train machines.

Source: AGU Advances


Emanuel [2020], one of the most recognized and accomplished scientists in the field, reflects on the importance of theory for atmospheric, oceanic and climate science. In so doing he sounds an alarm as to the perils the neglect of theory poses for the advancement of our science. As high-performance computing dominates an increasingly broad spectrum of activities – also in the educational sphere — there is the danger that an inattention to theory will produce researchers who use these vast resources ineffectively, and that the opportunity for true breakthroughs, which come from new ideas, will be diminished.

Citation: Emanuel, K. [2020]. The Relevance of Theory for Contemporary Research in Atmospheres, Oceans and Climate. AGU Advances, 1, e2019AV000129.

—Bjorn Stevens, Editor, AGU Advances

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