Snapshots of surface wind speed and surface ocean current speed for a simulated tropical cyclone 28 hours before landfall. Credit: Li and Toumi, 2018, Figure 1, lower panels
Source: Geophysical Research Letters

The study by Li and Toumi [2018] is the first to explore the possibility of using observed surface currents in order to improve forecasts of hurricane intensity. They use an idealized model set up, which shows promising results. This is an important new methodological development which could potentially improve hurricane intensity forecasts. However, the method would first need to be tested more broadly and in more realistic simulations before it can be considered to be integrated in current forecast systems by the tropical cyclones forecasting agencies, such as the National Hurricane Center.

Citation: Li, Y., & Toumi, R. [2018]. Improved tropical cyclone intensity forecasts by assimilating coastal surface currents in an idealized study. Geophysical Research Letters, 45.

—Suzana Camargo, Editor, Geophysical Research Letters

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