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First Multi-Decade Simulation of the Earth’s Radiation Belt

A new simulation of the Earth’s electron radiation belts captures large-scale variations over nearly three solar cycles, and replicates primary cyclical features and extreme behaviors.

Source: Space Weather


Radiation belts pose internal charging and total dose hazards to satellites. The climatological mean and extreme environments represent critical spacecraft design parameters. Glauert et al. [2018] present a long-term, multi-Solar cycle simulation of the radiation belts. Because satellite designers must generally account for risks associated with a credible worst case Solar cycle, this kind of long simulation represents a first attempt by the scientific community to use a physical simulation to address that risk. Many challenges remain, but the paper nonetheless marks an important milestone on the road from scientific capability to end user need.

Citation: Glauert, S. A., Horne, R. B., & Meredith, N. P. [2018]. A 30‐year simulation of the outer electron radiation belt. Space Weather, 16, 1498–1522.

—Paul O’Brien, Editor, Space Weather

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